Copier Systems renew as Civic Champions


Copier Systems and The Civic have formed a great partnership over the past few years, supporting each other in various fundraising campaigns since 2015. We are fully behind all the great work they do for charity, and all the wonderful art forms they bring to the local area. Our MD, Ryan, recently walked the boundary of Barnsley, a total of 72 miles with the CEO of The Civic to raise money for The Civic.

The Civic is an independent arts centre based in the centre of Barnsley, seeking to bring a wide range of art forms to audiences’ local people and visitors to the town. Year-round people can attend theatre, dance/music/comedy shows, art exhibitions and many other entertaining events. As a charity, The Civic relies on ticket sales, donations and the support from local businesses in order to do this, the Civic Champions programme is one of the ways they look to raise funds.

The Civic is currently working hard to raise £5m to renovate a large portion of the Civic building that is unfinished The Civic building has been in Barnsley town centre since 1877, but currently not all parts of the building are accessible to the public. Helen Ball, CEO of The Civic, said: “The Civic represents the heart of Barnsley. Our vision is to reinstate the historic main entrance and re-connect it to the town and its people, returning The Civic to its rightful former glory.”

Copier Systems MD, Ryan Eastwood, has said the following: “it’s a privilege to be able to support such a great local cause that’s of such importance to the local community. I would urge anyone to look into the great facilities and attractions that the civic provide our town. “