Why the Hard Drive Matters – Document Security & Compliancy

Did you know that almost all multifunctional devices store information relating to your business?

As a rule, If your multifunction printer/copier is less than 15 years old it almost certainly contains a hard drive. (If it’s more than 15 years old then you really need to give us call!)



Every time your copier sends a fax, scans a document, prints a job, or even makes a copy; data in relation to that document is stored on the device’s hard drive. This can include invoices, HR documents, personal information of customers, etc.

With recent changes to GDPR legislation, all companies, regardless of the type of industry, have a responsibility for keeping personally identifiable information about your customers secure and away from hackers.


To that end, you are responsible for and need to be sure that any data on the printer hard drive never leaves your building.


Securing Your Documents and cleansing the Hard Drive

Fortunately, once you know that your device has a hard drive, you’ll know that you need to take steps to ensure no one else sees the data. Copiers and printers are often refurbished and sold or leased again so it is important that your data does not leave the building.


Can’t I just do this? How hard can it be? – Compliancy

Whether you own or lease your equipment, you can rest assured that when it comes to replacing your equipment, all traces of any data you have stored on your device will be completely removed without trace.

There are a number of ways to erase data from your device from using formatting tools, encryption and the good old the baseball bat approach!

However, some of these methods will only hide information and in some cases be more costly if the incorrect parts of the hard drive or machine memory are removed in error.

By leaving this task to our professionals your company will also be provided with documentation from Copier Systems to certify the compliancy of your device.

…..and not just the old devices


 Unless you’ve also included all your network-connected devices into your security plan, you’ve still got a gaping security hole. Not only is your network is vulnerable to attack so is the confidential information on your digital copier’s hard drive.


Fortunately, once you know about this potential security issue; it’s a relatively simple process to ensure that it never becomes a problem for your business.


For more information on this service or our other encryption products such as ineo secure for your new devices. Please contact your account manager or our offices on 01226 321181.


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