Free Business Health Check to all New & Existing Customers

We’re currently offering businesses in the local area free print health checks to show the true cost of print to your business. The health check allows Copier Systems to not only show you your current costs, but also offer advice and assistance in reducing costs and also improving office efficiency.

We install our software that detects all the printing devices on your network to show;

What devices you have in place

  • What volumes are being produced
  • How much you are spending each month or quarter on print
  • Colour to mono splits
  • Which departments or users generate the most print
  • Which printers are getting the most use
  • Paper, ink, toner and other supplies and consumables usage

We then analyse the results and put together a solution that can;

  • Reduce print costs by up to 35%
  • Increase office efficiency
  • Automate maintenance and consumables replenishment
  • Remove the burden of managing your printer fleet from staff and your IT team
  • Simplify things with one point of contact for all consumables, service and billing enquiries

For a limited time, we offering business health checks free of charge. If you would like Copier Systems to perform a free audit, please contact us today to discuss further or arrange your print audit.